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Orchestrating the Nation: Music, Dance and (Trans-)Nationalisms

International – Paris, Maison des Cultures du Monde – November 12-13, 2015

Over the past twenty years, monographs in the field of music and dance studies have analysed the construction of musical worlds, genres and markets in non-Western and postcolonial countries.

This conference considers the fields of music and dance together in order to discuss the complexity of national productions in a context of transnationalisation and cosmopolitisation of trajectories and identities within globalisation. Through the musical input, this will lead to understand how different logics — sliding, confrontation or co-construction — are intertwined between nationalisms and transnationalisms within postcolonies.

This conference seeks to bring together empirical works as well as theoretical reflections in order to lead to new debates on the production of (trans-)nationalisms within postcolonial countries through music and dance, and offer a space to develop the most favorable conceptual tools to study these phenomena. For this event, we would like to gather established researchers and pioneering thinkers as well as emerging young scholars from various disciplinary backgrounds: ethnomusicology, dance/music anthropology, history and sociology, to foster a fruitful interdisciplinary dialogue and mobilise various academic perspectives conducive to an understanding of the entanglement between nationalism and musical production.

Paper proposals, up to 250 words, should be sent by May 22, 2015, along with bibliography and a short presentation of the author (3 lines), at this address:

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